With Dairy Pro Business membership, a participating business will become a member in its own right, and pay a single annual membership fee.

If your farm business has no need of structured individual training programmes, or already has its own in place and doesn’t want to maintain individual Dairy Pro records, you may be interested in the new single Dairy Pro Business membership.

This is aimed at farm businesses simply looking for proof of training and development as a whole. Participating businesses will become a member in their own right, and pay a single annual membership fee instead of the multiple individual fees you may be paying now.

When a business joins as a member, it provides a list of partners and/or farm employees it would like associated with the business. However, just one profile record of events and points will be maintained. This will be amalgamation of all partner or employee activity and not allocated to any one person.

This means all employees or partners registered under the business would have the same membership details, and each person associated with the business would register the business at events they attend. All those registered to the business can – but do not have to – have access to the business profile, which will also provide a graphical representation of events attended, points accumulated and Dairy Pro learning pillars developed.

Dairy Pro Business membership is likely to appeal to family-run farms, or larger farms. If a summary of training across the whole business would prove valuable but registering or maintaining records for all employees or partners is prohibitive or unnecessary, this could be for you.

Dairy Pro Business membership costs just £40 + VAT per year to record unlimited training undertaken by any number of registered people. This means that any businesses with two or more employees or partners, who don’t require detailed individual training records, will benefit. You can even talk to us about converting your existing individual memberships to a Business membership.

The benefits of Dairy Pro Business membership:

  • Compliance with Red Tractor
  • Proof of business commitment to training and development – for example to landlords, lenders or milk buyers and co-ops
  • Identifies and addresses skills gaps
  • A simpler option for family-run businesses
  • A cost-effective ‘starter’ option for larger businesses
  • Accreditation available for internal training