which will aim to collect all training carried out in your business into a single, simple report.

From this date, amalgamated records and training summaries will be provided where any farm business has two or more individual Dairy Pro members within its employees or partners.

The farm business simply registers, and individual Dairy Pro members then agree to be linked to that business.

For each business profile, an administrator will be able to log in and view the collective information for the farm, the individual member profiles linked to the business, and aggregated records.

This extra service and the benefits it brings will be offered free of charge where farm businesses can be linked to existing individual members. Furthermore, the cost of individual Dairy Pro membership will be maintained at current levels of £20 + VAT per year (or free membership for students).

The benefits of individual Dairy Pro membership linked by business:

  • Compliance with Red Tractor
  • Proof of business commitment to training and development – for example to landlords, lenders or supply chain
  • A new way to manage training regimes in larger businesses
  • Options to analyse skills across the whole farm business or by individual
  • Accreditation available for internal training
  • Individual members retain their training records, even when they move on