How do I become a Dairy Pro member?

You can become a Dairy Pro member by completeing the online New Member form or by calling 02476 478681 for a paper version of the form to be sent to you. There are 3 membership types, Full, Associate and Student (for further details please view the Scheme Structure resource). An annual membership for of £20+vat is payable for Full and Associate members. 

How do I collect points and where?

You can collect points at any meeting, seminar, conference, training course or , show you attend – look for the Dairy Pro logo on invitations, literature and websites – please ensure you complete the attendance register as your attendance will register at each event and your points will be automatically added to your personal record

What about events that are not registered with Dairy Pro?

If you attend an event that has not been awarded Dairy Pro points, use the Contact Us facility on the website and this event can be registered for you. Anything that you attend or do on a day-to-day basis which keeps you up-to-date within your job role can be allocated Dairy Pro points after due assessment.

Can I see a list of points available for future events?

Future events registered with Dairy Pro can be found on the Calendar of Events on the Dairy Pro website.

Once registered, how do I access my training record?

You will need your current email address and your Dairy Pro Account number to login to the members’ area of the Dairy Pro website where an electronic copy of your training record can be downloaded.

How many points do I need to accumulate each year?

A member simply needs to keep their membership active each year by accruing at least one point, However, far greater benefits start to be realised at 20 points, when a member becomes Dairy Pro Endorsed.

Can I join if I don't have a computer or the Internet?

A paper application form is available. However, in order to maintian and obtain your Dairy Pro record you will need to speak to a member of the Dairy Pro team who will be happy to assist. Please call 02476 478681.